About studio nomnom

Studio nomnom is a candle and collectible home goods brand. We built the brand with sustainability and creativity at the forefront. 

studio nomnom uses a vegan blend of soy wax. 

This wax is free of toxins, Paraffin wax, and phthalate and comes from renewable resources.  

We offer these candle so that they can find a new home outside of the landfill.

Candle care

1. Although our candles are designed to be ‘decorative’, we won’t judge if you do decide to burn them. Life’s too short right?! However, when you do we recommend placing your candle on a heatproof tray or plate to collect any drips. Trim the wick in between burns and do not leave lit candles unattended.

2. Our candles are all hand-poured in small batches in South London, which means colours and finish may very slightly from candle to candle and minor imperfections may occur. We think this makes every candle extra special & unique.

3. Please keep your candles out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources as this can cause them to discolour or change shape.